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Briggs Family Legacy - Briggs Tree Service has been offering tree removal and tree trimming services to our customers for over 25 years! Learn what keeps our customers coming back

Steve Briggs started Briggs Tree Service in 1986 with a pick up truck and rope climbing equipment. For many year Steve worked full time as a tree trimmer contracted to Com Ed where he learned the business, running a business from home was a part-time job.

With a mission in mind, Steve purposed in himself to leave Com Ed in 1993 so he could decade his full attention to a side business that was quickly growing. As the business grew so did the equipment and the space needed to store it. That was almost 15 years ago. The Briggs family now settles in Lansing, Illinois on a few acre lot where they store much of their equipment and seasoned firewood: You can always find someone working around the "wood ranch." That's no lie. With acres of seasoned firewood piling up from all the tree removal and tree trimming firewood just became apart of the business.

While Steve works the truck and crews mom is at home tending to the paper work and financial side. It's a real family effort.

 At this time Briggs Tree Service has 1 Bucket truck, 2 chip trucks, 2 chippers, bobcat, tractor, and hauling trailers. Briggs Tree Service has work for the City of Whiting, Town of Munster and other municipalities and has done lot clearings for big name builders and construction companies like Carter Excavating and Mcshane's Construction. 

When it comes to tree removal, our crews are the safest, our teams work together like a family, and ensure your property is safe, neat, and clean before we leave. We can haul everything away or leave the wood for you to split. There are many options.


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